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Ultra-Flex pipeline pig

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Ultra-Flex pipeline pig


The Ultra-Flex pipeline pig was designed with flexible urethane cups and discs so that can pass easily through pipeline joints, valves and bends.

Ultra-Flex pipeline pig B

One-piece design

Economical one-piece construction means no costly
spare parts to inventory or lose in the line

Ultra-Flex pipeline pig C

Light weight

Lighter than conventional metal pigs, the Knapp Ultra-Flex does not sacrifice strength or endurance for the convenience of light weight.


Ultra-Flex pipeline pig

Hollow core

The hollow body of the Ultra-Flex pipeline pig expands with line pressure to further improve the pig’s seal.

Ultra-Flex 2-Cup

Ultra-Flex® Options

The Ultra-Flex pipeline pig is also available with an additional cup on the front of the pig to accommodate eccentric launchers.  The Ultra-Flex can be ordered with handling strap and various trackiing options.

Ultra-Flex B2

Available in Ultrathane®

Knapp’s Ultrathane is a premium grade polyurethane elastomer custom formulated for specific job requirements.

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