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Urethane Cups and Discs
for Pipeline Utility Pigs

Standard Cup

Standard Cup

Tough, long-wearing and effective, Knapp's Polly Cup, standard urethane cup, is made to fit all manufacturer's metal mandrel bodies.

Conical Cup

Conical Cup

The flexibility to pass through pipeline dimension changes, seal in out-of-round pipe and run long distances, Knapp's Conical Cup can be made to fit all metal mandrel bodies.

DC Cup

DC® Cup

Knapp's patented DC Cup offers superior scraping from a cup built to handle heavy madrels  The flexibility to pass through pipeline dimension changes is a bonus in this high-end pipeline scraper cup.

Multi-dim cup

Multi-dimensional Cup

Knapp's multi-dimensional cup is built to allow a metal mandrel pig to pass through reduced areas in pipelines.  The insets on the cup's face allow the cup to reduce in size to pass through a smaller opening while maintainging a seal.

Standard Disc

Standard Discs

A disc is more than a flat piece of rubber with holes in it. Knapp's standard discs include Scraper Discs, Seal Discs, Guide Discs, Paraffin Scraping Discs, and Spacer Discs.

Stud Cup

Specialty Cups and Discs

No two pipelines are the same and when the pigging application is critical, a cup or disc designed specially for the job can be the difference between the sucess or failure of the procedure.

Multi-Dim Disc

Multi-Dimensional Discs

Knapp's Multi-Dimensional Discs are designed to provide the seal and scraping ability for a metal mandrel pigs in pipelines with multiple inside diameters.

Squeegee Disc Stack

Squeegee Discs

Knapp's Squeegee Discs are designed to provide the best seal and liquid wiping ability for metal mandrel pigs in a pipeline.

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