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Nova-Cast Multi-dim pigs

Designed for purpose

The Knapp Nova-Cast Pig is a custom-designed, all-urethane, one-piece, composite pipeline pig made to accommodate special pipeline configurations.

Nova-Cast 8-Disc Pipeline Pig


The Nova-Cast is available in configurations that allow the pig to pass through multiple-diameter piping while retaining the ability to scrape paraffin or remove liquids.

Nova-Cast Pipeline Pig

Combination of cups and discs

The Nova-Cast can be constructed with virtually limitless combinations of discs and cups of varying urethane hardnesses.


Nova-Cast Cup Pipeline Pigs

Configured to customer's needs

The Nova-Cast Pig can be configured with any number of cups and/or discs to suit the operator's needs.

Nova-Cast for Pig Launch Valve

Spherical pig launch valves

The Nova-Cast is available in special short versions to fit spherical pigging valves.

Nova-Cast piggable wye pig

Subsea piggable wyes

Knapp's Nova-Cast Pig is available in extended length models made to pass through subsea piggable wyes or offset fittings.

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