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K-Disc Pig

K-Disc® Pig

Knapp's patented single-piece, bi-directional scraping pipeline pig.  The K-Disc is unmatched for paraffin scraping ability.

Ultra-Cast Pig


Solid cast urethane combination cup and disc scraping pipeline pig.

Nova Pig System

Nova System Pig

Knapp's solid cast urethane pipeline pig with replaceable wear parts.


Nova-Cast Group

Nova-Cast® Pig

Knapp's patented one-piece, solid cast urethane pipeline pig designed for pipeline-specific applications.

Ultra-Flex pipeline pig

Ultra-Flex® Pig

Solid cast urethane cup and disc fluid control pipeline pig.


Solid Cast Urethane Disc Pig

Knapp, the original manufacturer of the solid cast urethane disc pig, has been producing this dependable line of bi-directional solid cast pipeline pigs for more than 25 years.

Three cup pipeline pig

Polly Tri-Cup® Pig

Knapp's solid cast urethane three-cup batching, cleaning and fluid control pipeline pig.

Solid cast urethane pipeline pigs
Pipeline Cleaning Pigs
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