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Hand-Launch Pig
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Hand-Launch Pipeline Pig

Easy to use

The Knapp Hand-Launch Pig is an easy to use, one size fits all pipe of its' diameter - a 6" Hand-Launch Pig can be inserted, by hand, into all 6" pipe, from Class 50 Ductile Iron Pipe to 6" Schedule 160 Steel Pipe.
Hand-Launch Pipeline Pig

One-piece construction

The Hand-Launch Pig is is a single-piece, bi-directional pig manufatured with Knapp's long-wearing, exclusive K-Lite or K-Duro urethane foams.


Hand-Launch Pipeline Pig

Hand-Launch Pig Options

Hand-Launch Pigs are available with optional pig-tracking transmitter adapters to accommodate acoustic "pingers", electromagnetic transmitters, high-strength magnets and nuclear tracking sources.


Hand-Launch Pipeline Pigs
The Hand-Launch Pig is patented. U.S. Patent No. 6,145,150.
Hand-Launch, K-Lite and K-Duro are registered trademarks of Knapp Polly Pig, Inc.

K-Duro Pipeline Pig Foam
*K-Duro is Knapp's exclusive heavy-density urethane foam. K-Duro is an open-cell, 8-10 pound per cubic foot density, urethane foam designed for more strength, longer distance, and heavier service than K-Lite foam
K-Lite Pipeline Pig Foam
*K-Lite is Knapp's exclusive medium denstiy urethane foam. K-Lite is a proprietary, open-cell, 5-8 pounds per cubic foot density, urethane foam designed specifically for use in pipelines. K-Lite foam has a high tear strength and medium stiffness, it is more flexible than Knapp's K-Duro foam.
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